Hello!  I’m Sarita, known as Tica to my friends, here with my husband Brent.

Brent and I are physicians and travelers, and opera lovers from our student days in San Francisco.  For the past forty years, we’ve been faithful supporters of our intrepid hometown company, San Diego Opera, but the season is short here and leaves us longing for more.

Brent and I made our first pilgrimage to the Metropolitan Opera from San Diego in 1985 for two life-list productions: Tosca with Hildegard Behrens and Plácido Domingo; and Rigoletto with Louis Quilico and Judith Blegen.  We were celebrating both my birthday and the arrival of our infant daughter Alexandra – who, in a lovely twist of fate, is now an associate producer at the Met.

Since that first venture 28 years ago, we’ve been back in the Met house for another birthday, a wedding anniversary, and whenever else we could.  But now The Met: Live in HD has come to us and transformed our opera-going lives.

For those of you who haven’t yet experienced opera on the big screen, Live in HD is a spectacular series of opera performances transmitted live from the stage of the Met into movie theaters worldwide.  We’ve attended every broadcast of the first seven seasons, wherever we happened to be, with the one exception of New Years Day 2008 in Wyoming – then the only state in the union without a participating venue.  (Happily, the transmissions have since arrived in Jackson Hole, 5 minutes drive from our home there.)  This season, the Met will transmit 12 Saturday matinee performances into movie theaters around the globe.

The 2012-13 Met season marks the beginning of a world tour for us, with Brent taking on the role of 93rd President of the American College of Surgeons.  We plan to find Live in HD wherever we go, from London to Fukuoka, Japan – and to report back here on The Portable Met!


3 thoughts on “About

  1. hey guys

    are you planning on returning to the UK this season? would love to host you at one of our cinemas. we screen the Met across all 20 of our cinemas and would be great to have you…

  2. thanks for coming back

    would be good to catch up when you’re in London in June if you have time… we run a Pod Cast for the cinemas and would be fun to do an interview about how it all went this season

    all the best


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